Poplar is a beautiful lightweight hardwood that paints and stains well. Poplar wood is rated as being moderately durable. It’s a great option to add warmth to your staircase or to complement the lighter tones of white oak.

Red Deal/Pine

While Pine is softer than Oak and other hardwoods, Pine is nevertheless one of the best woods for stair treads. Pine is typically on the lower end of the wood pricing spectrum, making it accessible for many people.


Extremely durable and fine-grained, mahogany resists warping, shrinking as well as swelling. Mahogany has traditionally been used for everything from canoes to door casings and is structurally strong and pest-resistant.


Easily the most notable feature of the wood is its dark brown color that adds warmth to a room. It also hides dust and dirt better than lighter woods, which makes it an excellent stair tread option.


Oak is a hard type of wood, resistant to dents and abrasion. Perfect for both small houses and rooms with a high degree of use. Its colour is a bit darker. These types of stairs do not require frequent refreshment and maintenance. They are very solid and will serve for many years.


Ash is a type of hardwood that has a nice, distinct grain and a slightly lighter color. All its properties are comparable to oak. Ash stairs are very popular among customers, and its price is lower than the oak.