Red Deal Wooden Staircase With Glass

Staircase Shape:
Red Deal Stained Walnut
10mm Toughened Glass
Newel Posts:
Square Red Deal
Red Deal
String Detail:
Closed String
Riser Type:
Open Risers

A red deal wooden staircase with glass in Ireland would be a stunning and elegant addition to any home. The red deal wood, also known as red pine, is a strong and durable type of wood that is known for its natural red color and attractive grain patterns. The use of this type of wood in the construction of the staircase adds a warm and inviting feel to the space, while also providing a sturdy and reliable foundation.

The glass inclusions are a modern touch that adds a sense of openness and lightness to the staircase. The clear glass allows natural light to flow through the space, making it feel bright and airy. The glass also provides a sense of transparency, which creates a sense of connection between the different levels of the home. The combination of red deal wood and glass in the construction of the staircase creates a unique and visually striking design. It will be the focal point of any room it is in. The staircase will be built by skilled Irish craftsmen who take pride in their work, ensuring that the finished product is of the highest quality and that it will be durable and long-lasting.

Overall, a red deal wooden staircase with glass in Ireland would be a luxurious and beautiful addition to any home, providing both form and function. It will serve as a functional means of getting from one level of the home to another, but it will also be a stunning architectural feature that will be admired and enjoyed for years to come.

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