Poplar Curved Wooden Staircase

Staircase Shape:
Poplar, Walnut
Poplar White Corby Spindles
Walnut With Monkey Scroll
String Detail:
Cut String
Riser Type:
Closed Risers
Sheeting/Back Paneling:

The poplar curved wooden staircase in Ireland is a beautiful and elegant feature that adds character and charm to any home. The staircase is crafted from high-quality poplar wood, known for its durability and strength, and features a curved design that adds visual interest and flow to the space. The handrail, made from rich and warm walnut wood, provides a sturdy and comfortable grip for ascending and descending the staircase, and adds a touch of luxury to the overall design. The handrail is also finished with a monkey scroll at the end, a decorative flourish that adds a touch of traditional elegance to the staircase. The combination of the warm poplar wood and the dark walnut creates a visually striking contrast, making the staircase a focal point in the home. The staircase is not only functional but also adds to the aesthetic of the home, making it a perfect addition to any traditional or modern home.