Oak Staircase With Monkey Scroll

Staircase Shape:
Newel Posts:
String Detail:
Cut String
Riser Type:
Closed Risers

An oak L-shaped staircase is a type of staircase that has an L-shaped layout, typically with a straight flight of stairs leading to a landing, and then another flight of stairs turning 90 degrees to continue on to the next level. A cut string staircase is a type of staircase in which the treads and risers are visible, and the stringers (the structural boards that support the treads and risers) are cut away to create an open, elegant look. The closed risers in this staircase means that the vertical space between each tread, known as a riser, is covered with a board. This not only adds an extra level of safety but also provides more privacy.

The handrail, which is an important safety feature of a staircase, is made of oak. Oak is a hardwood that is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It is also a popular choice for staircases because of its natural beauty and warm, rich color. A monkey scroll is a decorative element that is often added to handrails. It is a large, curved element that resembles a scroll and adds an elegant, ornate touch to the staircase. Overall, this staircase is a perfect blend of function and style. The L-shaped design and the cut string style offers an open and spacious look, while the closed risers adds an extra level of safety and privacy. The use of oak for the handrail and monkey scroll adds warmth and elegance.

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