Cut String Oak Staircase

Staircase Shape:
Wrought Iron Metal Banister
Newel Posts:
Oak with Carved Wood Ornaments
String Detail:
Cut String
Riser Type:
Closed Risers
Sheeting/Back Paneling:
Timber Paneling

An oak cut string straight staircase is a beautiful and elegant addition to any home. The staircase features a cut string design, in which the treads are cut away to reveal the end grain of the oak wood. This design element provides a unique look and adds visual interest to the staircase. The oak wood used for the staircase is durable and long-lasting, making it a great choice for high traffic areas. The wrought iron balustrade of the staircase is a beautiful and sturdy addition. The wrought iron is forged into elegant and intricate designs that complement the natural beauty of the oak wood. The balustrade provides a stable handrail for support and safety as you ascend and descend the staircase.

The newel posts of the staircase are adorned with wood carved ornaments. These decorative elements are crafted by skilled artisans and add an extra touch of elegance to the overall design of the staircase. The newel posts are the vertical posts that support the balustrade and also provide an anchor for the handrail. The wood carved ornament on the newel posts are usually made of the same wood as the staircase, Oak wood, and it creates a harmonious look. Overall, this oak cut string straight staircase with wrought iron balustrade and wood carved ornament on the newel posts is a stunning and functional addition to any home. Its combination of natural beauty and skilled craftsmanship make it a timeless piece that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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